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Ordination and Commissioning

On Sunday, December 10 we had a special service for family and close friends of seven staff members who were ordained and commissioned as pastors at Living Word. In the past, when we have ordained a staff person it was a very small and private occasion with family and a few friends. This time, because […]

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Engraved, Deeply Etched

Here is a quote on character that I spent time working with and using for some personal assessment. (Character) does require a conviction of a truth made sacred, abiding as an authoritative presence within consciousness and life, reinforced by habits institutionalized within a moral community. Character, therefore, resists expedience; it defies hasty acquisition. This is […]

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Worth Pondering

We find ourselves worrying and taking stock as a nation, in ways we’ve not before. Who are we? What do we want? Which way forward? And what of our values? Is it only by our possessions that we wish to be known? Does what we have matter more to us than what we do? No, […]

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