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Romans 13 and Revelation 13

The Twin Strategies of a Missional Church Romans 13 is the positive engagement of God’s Kingdom as it spreads in the world. Romans 13 is the positive contribution God’s people make as we live as workers in the world. Romans 13 is a guide for how we live as citizens of a nation. Romans 13 […]

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Mission Failure

I always find it intriguing when the world criticizes the church for its mission failure. I recently finished a (rather) large book on global missions, Introducing Christian Mission Today, where I came across a quote from Australian sociologist, John Carroll. Carroll is not a Christian. He says there is a simple reason why the church […]

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What Sears and the Church Have in Common

There are five or six blogs that I consistently read. There are another half dozen that I skim and peruse occasionally. One of the regulars is written by James Emery White, lead pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church, a megachurch in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here is a link to one of his recent posts: Sears and the Church. […]

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