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Who Do You Love?

This is a follow up post from last week’s post on LOVE. On this question, Christianity gets REALLY radical. I must write a little longer today to unpack this, but I think you will find it worth a few extra minutes. Love your TRIBE. Just about everyone in the world will be able to love […]

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What Jesus Might Say

Here is where I ended the post yesterday: My friends know Jesus would also speak powerfully, prophetically, and pastorally to the issues of our day. They know Jesus would speak theologically, spiritually, ethically, and morally to the issues of life. What kind of things might Jesus say? This post, like the two previous ones, is […]

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Suffering for the Sake of Others

Yesterday was Memorial Day: A day of remembering those who died while serving their country. Veterans Day (November 11) remembers all who served in the military, not only those who died. This post does not celebrate war. It does celebrate the greatest of all sacrifices – to give one’s life for the sake of what is loved. […]

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