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What Jesus Might Say

Here is where I ended the post yesterday: My friends know Jesus would also speak powerfully, prophetically, and pastorally to the issues of our day. They know Jesus would speak theologically, spiritually, ethically, and morally to the issues of life. What kind of things might Jesus say? This post, like the two previous ones, is […]

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Political But Not Partisan

I could also say: Principles but not policies. And that is part of our problem! The Bible is loaded with beliefs, values, ethics, morality, and spirituality. The Bible is loaded with indicatives (statements) about who God is and what God wants. The Bible is loaded with imperatives (commands or instructions) from God that tell us […]

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Christians and Living in Our Messy World

So how should we think about Charlottesville … and Barcelona …. and North Korea … and Washington D.C … and … and … and … It’s messy! It’s confusing! It’s full of conflict, pain, division, and anger! And we live in that world. We are affected by what happens in the world. Sometimes we (Christians) […]

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