What Really Matters Most to Jesus?

There are many time when I just try to use some biblical common sense to guide me. Fortunately, there is a lot of biblical common sense, otherwise known as wisdom. Here are two big ideas of biblical wisdom that sure make a lot of sense to me. I hope they will for you, too.

Big Idea One: Jesus Matters Most of All, Therefore, Jesus Must Matter More Than Ever.

There is no other name, no higher power, no greater love, no one like Jesus. Jesus is unique. Jesus is God, Lord, Savior, Teacher, and Friend. Jesus is Love. Jesus is Life. Jesus is Holiness. Jesus is Grace. Jesus is Beauty. Jesus is Goodness. Jesus is Truth. Jesus is … and I could go on for a long article telling you why Jesus Matters Most of All and why Jesus Must Matter More Than Ever.

That is the persistent and powerful Big Idea of the New Testament. It is the bold and brilliant truth of Scripture. It is the revolutionary and radical, game-changing, life-making, heart-shaping reality.

Once this is in place, then you are ready for the next big idea.

Big Idea Two: What Matters to Jesus Must Matter to Us.

If Jesus is so important, so vital, so crucial, so central, then our deep desire must be to know what matters most to him and make sure it matters equally to us.

Then, the obvious question we ask is simple: What matters most to Jesus?

Because what Jesus loves, we must love. What Jesus wants for us, we must want for ourselves. Our prayer should be: Jesus show us what you value, and help us to value those same things.

Jesus valued children. The disciples did not. The children were welcomed, the disciples were rebuked, and the disciples learned a lesson.

Jesus valued prayer. Jesus prayed like no one else prayed. The disciples said, “Jesus teach us to pray like you pray.”

Jesus valued Samaritans, Gentiles, soldiers, tax collectors, women, the poor, the helpless, the sick, the demon-possessed. The disciples did not. Jesus said, “If you are going to follow me, you are going to be my servants who love others.” Love others. Serve them. Bless them. Help them. Comfort them. Care for them. Risk your life for them. The first disciples learned to do this. It would be really good if 21st century disciples learned the same.

At Living Word, we are going to keep asking what matters most to Jesus. When we learn what that is, then our prayer and our action will be: Jesus may what matters most to you, matter most for us (we Christians who wear and bear your name).

When what matters to Jesus matters to you, you will flourish.

Pastor Brian


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