Christmas Eve Offering

This Year’s Goal:


For the past 31 years, our Christmas Eve services have been a celebration of the gift of Jesus with our gift to others. We have given financial gifts that are all shared locally and globally. This year we have 20 organizations serving people in need, crisis, and poverty – both spiritually and physically- right here in York County and around the world.


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We have exceeded our goal by $137,000!
Because of your generosity, we have given gifts to the following organizations in addition to our original list.

New Organizations

Fields of Hope, Ethiopia  $5,000
Operation Mobilization, Argentina $5,000
Our Daily Bread, York  $4,000
GAIN Int., Mount Joy $5,000

Immerse, Lancaster $5,000
Global Leadership Development  $36,381
Susquehanna Senior Center, York  $3,000
Journey to Joy, York $8,000

Cristo Centro Church Planting, Cuba  $7,200
Sendafa Bible School, Ethiopia  $10,000
Salvation Army, York  $10,000

3DP4ME, Middle East  $5,000
Human Life Services, York  $8,000
Jessica and Friends, York  $7,000

Global Impact



Most Ethiopian pastors and lay leaders don’t have opportunities to learn how to lead the church well. Melese Wogu and the ministry of EOM trains pastors and church leaders in leadership and theology. These funds will help EOM provide this necessary training.



Iraq has suffered from war, violence, and terrorism, leaving many without hope or resources. Living Word supports missionaries who started a women’s clinic in northern Iraq that is a refuge for people who are living in harsh conditions. They are showing the love of Jesus through classes that teach the women employable skills and educate their children. These funds will be used to train Kurdish and Yazidi women in sewing, English, and computer literacy. Art and music classes will be provided for the children.

Isaac Ishmael Initiative (I-I-I)


The I-I-I has developed relationships in North Africa with influential Muslims. This is a multi-year project that has seen Muslim leaders in the country come to faith in Christ. These funds will be used to disciple these leaders, provide 100 Arabic Bibles for key religious leaders in the country, and support the growth of five house churches among Muslim background believers.

Jordan House of Blessing


Jordan has received thousands of Christians from the war-torn country of Iraq whose lives have been destroyed by the conflict in their home country. As refugees, they are not able to work and are receiving no financial support. These funds will provide food and basic personal products as they wait to either return home or resettle in a new location.

Living Word Dire Dawa


Living Word helped start this church in Dire Dawa, which has a fruitful ministry to the surrounding Muslim community. The church has multiplied and outgrown their facilities. These funds will be used to continue their building program to provide classrooms and meeting rooms in the church.

Project Adopt A Village (PAAV)


For the past 11 years, Living Word has provided spiritual and medical help to those with HIV/AIDS in Sendafa, Ethiopia. Led by Dr. Frew, PAAV has helped hundreds of people recover from near death to lead lives of purpose and meaning. These funds will be used to provide medications, food, clothing, educational materials, and assistance to HIV/AIDS patients.

Sendafa Medical Team Supplies


Living Word will be sending a medical team to Sendafa, Ethiopia in July 2018. The week-long clinic provides sight for the blind and treatment for a wide variety of illnesses. In addition, children are taught about hygiene and homes are made more comfortable. These funds provide the needed supplies to run the clinic.

Water Missions International


Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico’s infrastructure. Much of the country still does not have electrical power and many people don’t have adequate drinking water. Living Word has partnered with Water Missions International to provide potable water in multiple disaster areas. We will help them provide water systems for those in Puerto Rico who live in remote areas that have not received assistance.

Local Impact

Compassion York


This ministry provides weekly meals to those in York who don’t have enough food. Each Sunday evening, 50 to 150 families come for a meal. Four to six time a year Living Word volunteers provide these hot meals; the rest of the year other churches help with this effort.  These funds help cover the weeks when no church is available to provide food or help serve.

Good News Prison Ministry


This ministry in the York County Jail consists of chaplains who minister to the prisoners and the prison staff. From Bible studies to one-on-one counseling, they meet the spiritual needs of the prison population. These funds will provide Bibles in multiple languages and study materials for this ministry.

Hurricane Harvey Relief


Vidor, Texas (near Beaumont) was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. While there is considerable aid going to Houston, other surrounding areas, including Vidor, have not had the support needed. Living Word is beginning a multi-year project to help rebuild churches and houses in Vidor. These funds will be used to launch relief and rebuilding.

Katallasso Health Clinic


The poor and homeless in York often lack health insurance coverage to take care of even the simplest of medical issues. This non-profit clinic was founded to provide for those needs with medical professionals who volunteer their time seeing patients. These funds will provide needed medical supplies and medications.

Ladder to the Light


This is a new ministry focusing on men who have experienced brokenness, whether through addictions, incarceration, homelessness, or a combination of any of these. It is a residential facility that needs repairs. These funds will be used for the repairs needed for a safe and clean facility.

LifePath Christian Ministries


This ministry (formerly the York Rescue Mission) works with those whose needs are immense. To advance their mission, they are developing a Learning Center which will help these clients develop work skills, basic life knowledge, and discipleship resources. These funds will be used to purchase equipment that will help them effectively educate and train these people in need.

Logos Academy


This York-based Christian school has a unique approach to classical education in a spiritually rich environment. They provide K-12 education for a diverse group of students from both the inner city and surrounding suburbs. Technology training is an important part of the curriculum. These funds will help provide the necessary technology service support, teacher training, and teaching devices to improve the quality of technology education at Logos.

Pappus House


When a family is no longer able to manage the advancing needs of their failing loved ones, often different arrangements must be made. Pappus House provides an alternative residence – a home-like setting dedicated exclusively to the care and support of hospice patients and their families. These funds will help with the building renovation needed to make this beautiful ministry a reality.

PTC Youth Services 18 South


18 South serves the broken and hurting teens of Red Lion by providing them with a place to feel safe, accepted, and most importantly, experience the love of Christ. The ministry has run out of space and is moving to a larger facility where they can more effectively accomplish their missions. These funds will help renovate the new facility.

River Valley Ranch (RVR)


This non-profit Christian camp, located in northern Maryland, has been a favorite place of many Living Word youth. Summer is a busy place at RVR and is a popular place for Fusion, Pulse, and Transit to have retreats. These funds will be used to repair and restore existing bathrooms that need major renovations.

Servants Home Helps


Living Word has partnered with Servants for the past 2 years, helping widows, single parents, persons with disabilities, and the elderly with home projects that provide for health and safety. Servants uses volunteer teams to work on these projects, with Living Word providing some of those volunteers twice a month. These funds will provide the materials to renovate eight bathrooms throughout 2018.

Young Life


Young Life works with junior and senior high school students by being a friend, providing a listening ear, and sharing the hope of the gospel with broken teens. One of the highlights of the Young Life year is camp, which, for many students, is the time where they see their need for a relationship with Jesus. Many students from inner-city York can’t afford to go to camp. These funds will provide camp scholarships for some of these students.