Leading a Growth Group

Being a growth group leader is valuable in helping others grow personally and spiritually. Community is vital to our growth, and growth group leaders help facilitate and create safe spaces for friendship, community, and Jesus encounters.


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Become A Leader

Time Commitment
Most growth groups of 6 to 12 people meet two to four times per month in people’s homes. Leaders coordinate gatherings, group serving times, studies and curriculum by using Living Word’s wide variety of materials. On average, groups meet fall through spring and take a break during the summer.

Experience Required
We support and equip all growth group leaders through one-on-one mentoring and training. Attendance at Group Dynamix Training is required so that leaders will be equipped with helpful knowledge about leading discussion, resolving conflict, and growing a healthy community. Please contact us to begin the conversation if you are unsure if you are ready to lead a group.

Ned's Podcast

“What Shall I Do?” Episode 1
This week, Ned welcomes everyone back from summer, highlights a way to evaluate your group’s health, and previews the first week lesson for the “What Shall I Do” series.

“What Shall I Do?” Episode 2
Upcoming event reminders, 3 habits of healthy small group leaders, and previewing the 2nd week lesson in the “What Shall I Do?” series.

“What Shall I Do When Life Gets Hard” Episode 3
Growth Group leader podcast week #3.

“What Shall I Do With the People Who Matter the Most” Episode 4
In this episode, we cover addressing tough questions that arise in your group, and examine the lesson on loving those that matter most in your life.

“What Shall I Do With the People Who Matter the Most” Episode 5
In this episode, Ned talks about sharing ownership of your group, and the focus of the lesson on mercy and compassion.

“What Shall I Do With the People Who Matter the Most” Episode 6
This week, Ned talks about having fun in your group, and the lesson on dealing with difficult emotions.