Speed limits. Data limits. Time limits. Age limits. There’s nothing fun about having limits set between us and what we want. And although some limits are good, most of the time it just feels like we’d be better off without them. Many of us feel like our lives, our stories, and our futures are limited in one way or another—like who we are and who we can become have limits. This was especially true for one of the earliest and most famous guys in the Bible, Moses. Because of who he was, where he came from, and what he did, Moses must have felt like his potential was limited. But God had other plans. And through Moses’ story we’ll discover that when we allow God to direct our story, the possibilities are limitless.


If you’ve ever watched a circus, Cirque du Soleil, or America’s Got Talent, then you’re probably convinced that humans are capable of some pretty amazing things . . . and some pretty bizarre stuff too. Seeing these things, you might have wondered: Should joints really bend that way? or Is it normal for a grown man to be that into puppets? But the reality is, we all have things that make us different. And, especially in middle school, there’s a lot that can make us feel weird. When God created human beings, He made us to be different—different from the rest of creation and different from one another. In this series, we’ll discover that “keeping it weird” is a good thing. After all, what makes us weird is what makes us both valuable and wonderful.


In addition to the small group guides we have a great resource designed to help you connect the dots at home. If you would like to take the conversation they have at church and continue it throughout the week this will help you get started. Click on the series icon to open each parent cue.