Winter Meltdown is a time for students to challenge themselves, go crazy and have fun, or just relax around a fire and make new friends. The goal of WMD is to provide a place free from the distractions of everyday life— a winter retreat where our students and leaders can focus on God and build meaningful relationships with each other.

Friends are welcome!

Register your child, learn more about retreat details, and download the retreat packet below.

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth at or by text at 717-850-3294.

Registration is closed. The retreat is full.

Registration is closed. The retreat is full.

Deadline: December 17

When your request is approved you will receive a registration form to register your child and make an initial ‘good faith’ payment of $25. A spot will then be reserved for your child.

Request a Scholarship – deadline December 10. Scholarships are available for families in financial need. Scholarships are approved case by case in the order they are received.




    • Check-in: 5:30 pm at Living Word
    • Departure: 6:15 pm from Living Word (transportation provided)


    • Arrival: 12:15 pm at Living Word

    • Bible
    • Pajamas
    • Flashlight
    • Coat, hat, gloves
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Toiletries, towel, wash cloth
    • Sneakers to wear in the gym
    • Warm clothing, suitable to play outside & get dirty
    • Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets & blankets, and pillow)
    • Money for snack shop and awesome souvenirs! (optional)

    • Please make sure your child eats dinner before you arrive at the church as dinner Friday evening will not be provided. 
    • Emergency Contact Information: Should you have an emergency and need to get in touch with your child please contact Kristen at 717-858-0710 or Jay at 908-415-5166 or the River Valley Ranch Office at 443-712-1010. 

    Medication Policy: ALL ‘controlled substance’ prescription medications must be turned into a leader during retreat check-in. Controlled Substance prescription medications will be monitored/administered by adult leaders. 

    Unplugged Policy: We strongly suggest that your child leave all electronic devices at home. Electronics will not be allowed out during group activity times. Bringing electronics is at your own risk.

    Code of Behavior for Retreat Participants: In order to assure the safe and successful participation of youth and adults at WMD the following code of behavior is to be followed.

    Expected behavior for participation:

    1. Individuals are responsible for their own actions, and will be asked to assume the consequences for their inappropriate behavior.
    2. For the protection and safety of all participants, acts of fighting, physically or verbally with siblings or otherwise and including ethnic insults, poor language, gestures, or actions will not be tolerated.
    3. Possession of any weapon (includes pocket knives) is strictly prohibited. Anyone who brings a weapon to an event will be asked to surrender it to leaders and parents will be notified.
    4. Disruptive behavior and or language are not acceptable.
    5. Appropriate clothing for the weather is expected.
    6. Participants are expected to participate during programmed times, to take direction from their leaders, being in the cabins without a leader is not permitted.
    7. Participants will respect the belongings of others and students should not go through anyone’s bags and personal possessions left in the bunks under any circumstances.
    8. In the event that behavior requires extreme action, it is to result in dismissal from the event. Parents will be contacted and participants will be sent home and not permitted to return the following year. In this case we reserve the right to deny your child participation in future retreats.

    We will not insure personal property against theft or loss; please exercise caution regarding your personal items.

    We respectfully ask for your cooperation and hope that you will have no trouble talking to your child about these expectations and agreeing to adhere to this code of behavior. Keep in mind that you represent the Church at all times during the retreat and are asked to demonstrate an image of Christ, and respect others and their property including that of river valley ranch.