Building Progress

Want to stay up to date with the progress of our building expansion? You’ve come to the right place! With each phase, we will keep you informed of what’s going on and how it will affect our ministries.


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January 19, 2018

This week we focused on finishing work. This Sunday you will notice new details completed in the Main Lobby. We still have work to be completed but it’s coming together nicely.  

Monday’s internet and phone temporary shut down:
We have to do major technical work that will require our phone line to not work as well as the internet at the office. If you call the church you will not receive a voicemail message or even a dial tone since it will be off. We are aware of this, we apologize for the inconvenience. The offices will be open but many staff members are working off-site to maintain internet access. If you are a client of The Counseling Center please follow directions you received from them for your appointments.  

kid::life entrance update between kid::life Lobby and the Main Auditorium: 
The double doors between the far left side of the Main Auditorium leading to kid::life has been removed permanently. The closest door to kid::life from the Auditorium is one set of doors to the right of the old door which will lead to the hallway between the main lobby and kid::life. We removed this door to make kid::life for secure. Thank you for your patience during this transition.


Main Lobby and South Side Cafe:  
Baseboards, texture painting, and carpet finishing work continued in the Main Lobby and hallway between Common Grounds.

The Main Lobby porte-cochère steel framing was painting and inside roofing installed.

There has been exciting progress in the new café, now is officially called The South Side Café. In the kitchen, equipment and counter installation continued.

New carpet, tile, barn doors to the gathering space, and the beginning of the serving counter were also installed.



January 12, 2018

This is the end of second week of the new year and we are fast finishing the expansion of Living Word.  The most obvious changes will be noticeable in the Main Lobby.   

Handicap Parking  is available at the Common Grounds entrance, kid::life door #5, and parking lot D. Golf cart shuttle service will continue from Parking Lot D. Use the Main Lobby and Common Grounds entrances for pick up and drop off. 


Main Lobby and South Side: The entire new portion of the Main Lobby was carpeted this week.  Here are pictures from the main entrance looking to the right and then left.

Under the two trellises, there will be cabinetry for storage.

Off the Main Lobby to the right as you enter will be the new prayer room.  This picture is one of the walls with the stone feature. The carpet is scheduled to be installed next week.

Outside, on the south side, the weather turned Wednesday and work could not continue on the raised seam roof system on the curved canopy and the canopy over the student::life entrance. 

kid::life Wing Additions: This week the kitchen equipment and counters began to be installed. The multicolored feature wall in the kid::life lobby was also installed.

December 29, 2017 Update

Last Saturday and Sunday we celebrated Christmas Services with almost all of the renovation and new work completed and open in the Common Grounds entrance and the new Main Lobby and restrooms.   

Handicap Parking is available at the Common Grounds entrance, kid::life door #5, and parking lot D. Golf cart shuttle service will continue from parking lot D. Use the Main Lobby and Common Grounds entrances for pick up and drop off. 

Common Grounds Lobby Entrance and North Addition: The Common Grounds entrance lobby is 95% complete. This week, carpet was installed and the inside curved overhead paneling was installed.

The North Office addition and landscaping is substantially complete.

The final metal roofing continued this week on the roof left of the entrance and a new roof above Door 3 continued.   

Main Lobby and South SideOutside on the south side, the exterior work on siding, roofing, and landscaping continued and is about 95% complete.

Inside the entire new Main Lobby will be open. The ceiling has en completed and installation of window treatments commenced. The look and feel is awesome. Preparation for carpeting is expected next week.  

The stone feature wall was completed and the two trellises were erected with lighting.

A new entrance to the Common Grounds area from the widened east lobby hallway was created with a barn door to close off the entrance if needed.

kid::life Wing Additions:  The café was painted and the ceiling completed.

Last week the new kitchen walls were painted, the flooring installed, and the new walk-in refrigerator/freezer was installed. This week the stove/oven hood was installed and the ceiling grid was installed.    

The open ceiling in the large café overflow room next to the café and kitchen was painted black last week and the walls received the first coat of paint this week.   

Next to the large café overflow room is the large multimedia room, which  was painted this week. The grids and lighting for the four ceiling clouds were completed and carpet laid.

And the final room in the kid::life addition is the new BaseCamp. That room is essentially completed to the point where the soft floor covering and climbing equipment can be installed when received.

student::life Wing Additions:  The entire student::life wing on the east side is 95% completed. This is a picture of one of the six small breakout rooms.

The large meeting room off the east Main Lobby was substantially completed last week with some paint touch up and baseboards left. The prayer room off the east Main Lobby was painted last week and the ceiling grid was installed and electrical hook ups completed this week.

December 15, 2018

This Sunday we will have more of the Main Lobby open to enjoy. As we continue, every week more finishes (paint, flooring, trim, doors, etc.) are being installed, which gives us a great sense of the finished design. Thank you for your patience and excitement with this project. Here are a few important updates from this week.  

Common Grounds Lobby: The curved ceiling inside the entrance and the new receptionist desk installation started this week.

Metal roofing installation continued this week and a new roof structure began over door 3.     

Main Lobby: Inside the Main Lobby, construction has been moving rapidly. Painting and ceiling installation create a visible difference in the space. This Sunday you will see the new ceiling almost completed in the new Lobby. The men’s restroom near the Life Center was completed this week and is open for use. The existing hallway between the Main Lobby and Common Grounds has been being widened and is almost complete. 

The large meeting room off the Main Lobby and the prayer rooms are almost done, except for some touch-up painting.


New Café & kid::life Additions: Painting began in the new café, and  drywall was finished in the new kitchen and adjacent large meeting room. The stage platform, sound booth, audio-visual wiring and wall painting continued in the new kid::life large room.  


Finishing work continues in Basecamp with the installation of cabinets, carpet, tile, and painting.   


student::life Wing Additions:  The entire student::life wing on the east side is nearing completion. New restrooms were completed as well as large wall windows, a skylight, and carpeting.