Building Progress

Want to stay up to date with the progress of our building expansion? You’ve come to the right place! With each phase, we will keep you informed of what’s going on and how it will affect our ministries.


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June 15, 2017:
Construction Update

New Common Grounds and Office Entrance: The good weather we had this week helped with the progress of the construction. The most visible change you will see is the removal of the exterior portions of the Common Grounds entrance. [see picture 1a  after stone was removed and 1 entire exterior was removed]  The visible plywood wall (in picture 1) is the temporary security wall across the Common Grounds lobby. The wall provides a security and safety barrier while structural steel is being placed for the new entrance to the expanded Common Grounds area. The steel for the roof decking of the new offices and new Common Grounds entrance has been installed.






Office Renovations: This week electrical wiring has been run and drywall has been installed and is almost finished and ready for paint. These are pictures of the new hallway that will connect Common Grounds with kid::life with the new layout of the office spaces left and right of the hallway. The Counseling Center counseling rooms, waiting room, and hallway have been painted and new drop ceiling framing and tiles installed. Flooring will be finished in the next few days.



















Storm Water Drains by the student::life wing: Main storm water drains from the upper side of the property and along the youth wing end of the building have been installed, which was a major effort. New sections were excavated and the drains were installed.









Foundations for the student::life Expansion: The excavation and foundations for the new meeting rooms, expanded restrooms, and sacred space were put on hold for this week to accommodate the storm water drain installation, as well as a design change needed to accommodate the plumbing of the new expanded restroom. This part of the project will continue into next week.









Foundations for kid::life Expansion: The excavation and foundation for the kid::life expansion continued this week and will run into next week.


June 8, 2017:
Progress & New Walls

Exciting changes are taking place inside and out! Much of the change inside has been hidden from view in safe construction zones, so this week we are bringing you photos of the office renovations.

Office renovations began on May 16 with the main office area and the Counseling Center. The doors were removed, the walls that were moving were demolished, the carpet and ceiling tiles were removed, and electrical is being reworked as needed. Last week the steel studs for the new walls to create the new hallway to connect Common Grounds with the kid::life side of the building began to emerge. New office spaces and new doorways were created. This week drywall began to be installed and new electrical wiring is being run. The Counseling Center is getting a new coat of paint as this report is being written.

Outside on the south side, new storm water runs were dug and connected to the building. Storm water runs continue to be dug and installed into next week, however, for Sunday these areas will either be plated with steel or covered with macadam.

The west wing expansion piers have been dug and some have been poured. The piers for the north canopy were framed up and were being poured Thursday afternoon as this report is being written. On Sunday you will also see additional steel framing that has been welded into place on the north office expansion.

A security wall is being built across the Common Grounds lobby. This will provide a security and safety barrier while structural steel is being placed and the existing exterior wall begins to be removed. If you are used to watching the service in the Common Grounds lobby, please join us in the Life Center.



June 2, 2017:
North-Side Progress & Shuttle Service

Now that the foundations and concrete slab have been laid you will begin to see more rapid progress on the project. This week the structural steel for the north office areas was erected and the footers for the new canopy were dug. Inside the main office area, the demolition was completed and new steel stud walls are taking shape. Outside on the south side the excavation and foundations continue and we have begun to tie the new stormwater management into the previous stormwater management on the south east corner.
Please note due to the stormwater excavation in the drive area just off the east end of the building the drive beside the building will be shut down for a period of time. Please use the adjoining parking lots as a detour around this area of excavation.
We are also highly suggesting that those with mobility challenges instead of using the drop-off area, consider parking in the handicap parking places in lot D and use the new shuttle service to the front entrance.

May 27, 2017:
South Side & Office Renovations Continue

This week exterior work was slowed by the intermittent rain which delayed concrete work. However work inside progressed on schedule and:

  • Foundations and footings for the youth expansion area were poured
  • The concrete pad for the office expansion is almost complete
  • Structural steel for the office expansion arrived and began to be placed
  • Office demolition continued removing electrical, some walls and carpet.

 We continue to find ways to improve the access to the building and your experience.  We have created an area along the fence in the drop-off zone exclusively for pedestrians. This area is coned off. We have removed all parking from the drop-off zone and are running a shuttle to/from the handicap and mobility challenged parking area in lot D just across the drive from the drop off zone. We have also expanded this parking area with additional cones reserving spots for those needing assistance.

Our desire is to serve you and make your experience arriving and departing as comfortable as possible.  While there are limitations of what we can do without complicating the construction project, we invite you to make any suggestions you feel would be helpful.

May 18, 2017:
South Side & Office Renovations Continue

This week the exterior foundations on the north side of the building were completed. A piling for the new tower is being set in place under the slab of the Common Grounds Lobby. On the south side, the footers have been dug, rebar formed, and concrete is being poured for the foundations of the expanded east wing. The Main Office and Counseling Center have been closed for renovations and interior and electrical demolition has started. As a result, if you need to travel between the east wing (Common Grounds and student::life) and the west wing (kid::life), the Main Lobby is the easiest pathway. Also, we have been providing wheelchairs at the drop-off area outside entrance 1 to assist those who need some help getting from the drop-off point to the auditorium.

A Note from Pastor Brian

Everyone has been so helpful as we make adjustments getting into and around in our building. We have many months to go, but it will be exciting every week as we see progress.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting our new building. The funds have been coming in and we are grateful for that as well.

Please keep the entire building project in your prayers: safety for workers, good weather and timely work being done, patience on the part of everyone, and that God would raise up more people who want to financially support The Best is Yet to Come campaign.

Thanks again, everyone.

In Christ,

Pastor Brian

May 11, 2017:
South Side Renovations & Hallway Blocked-Off

This week we completed vacating the main office areas, moving supplies and equipment to new locations throughout the building. On Thursday, the renovations of the main office area began. This renovation includes the creation of a new hallway from Common Grounds to the kid::life area.

For the safety of all, please do not enter the construction areas without proper authorization from the construction superintendent, whether inside the building or any of the fenced in areas outside the building.

The work on the foundations for the north office and Common Grounds entrance continues. The concrete footers were completed and the block foundations are being laid.

The work on the south side kicked into high gear this week.

* top soil was removed and stored on site

* the canopy was removed and sealed from weather

* the sidewalk was removed

* stormwater pipes that need to be re-routed were removed

* preparations for new stormwater and sewage lines began



May 9, 2017:
Foundation Work, Relocated Offices, Counseling Center

This week the foundations are continuing to be laid on the new Common Grounds entrance and staff offices by Common Grounds. The crews will continue placing rebar and pouring of the concrete foundations.

At the moment the south side of the building is seeing more destruction than construction. The canopy is being taken down and foundations are being surveyed and dug.

Our staff that worked in the Main Office have moved to other work spaces. We are so grateful for the ministry partners that have helped during this transition, thank you! The Main Office area is closed for renovations. This is where we are putting in a new hallway between Common Grounds and kid::life.

The reception area in the Main Office has now been moved to the Common Grounds Lobby. Please use door 3 as the new Main Office door where you can connect with our receptionist Amy if you have an appointment at the church.

Our Counseling Center has moved to the student::life wing. The waiting area at the opposite end of the hallway can be accessed via door 2.

May 2, 2017:
Foundation Work & Entrance Update

The next step in the site preparation is happening this week and you will notice several changes: 1) foundation work has begun for the new offices; 2) a construction fence has been installed around the south side of the building and around much of the lower parking lot; 3) all but one entrance to the Main Lobby has been closed; and 4) the main office staff has been moved to other locations.

Change is often difficult to deal with and these changes will cause challenges – disrupted routines, people not being where they used to be, and perhaps having to walk a little farther. We pray that everyone will have patience and extend grace as we move into the time where we ask God to “bless this mess.”

April 26, 2017:
Office Construction Begins

As you drive into the north parking lot this week (Common Grounds entrance), you will notice that the heavy equipment that was here last Sunday hasn’t been sitting idle. A portion of the parking lot and sidewalk near the previous entrance has been removed in preparation for the office expansion. You are now able to see the “footprint” of the new entrance and extended offices. This new space will allow all the staff to be in the same location. It will also allow easier access to the kid:life wing from Common Grounds.

The preparation for the foundation for the new office expansion will begin and should take a week and a half to complete.

April 22, 2017:
Parking & Entrance Information

It is exciting to see the construction beginning to take place! Because more than half of our building exterior is being expanded, the number of entrances is being reduced during the construction period.

New entrances and closest doorways to the following areas:

Entrance 1: Main Lobby
Entrance 2: student::life
Entrance 3: Common Grounds, Church Office, and receptionist                                    Entrances 4 & 5: kid::life and the Counseling Center

Please use parking lots farther away. IF you are able-bodied and can walk a few extra yards, help us honor our guests, the elderly, and those with physical challenges by passing up the parking spots closest to the doors and leaving them for others.

Thank you for your patience during this temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement.

April 14, 2017:
Property Map &  Entrance Information

The Best Is Yet to Come is finally becoming a reality as we begin the building expansion. This page will be used to provide updates about the construction. We are praying that the work is completed by the end of the year.

Our contractor, Wohlson Construction, will be preparing the site to begin work following Easter Sunday. Our primary concern is for safe access to the building and that the construction will be done in a timely manner. A safety and security fence will be installed around the construction areas, which will limit access to some areas. We have worked closely with the contractor to develop a plan that will be the least disruptive to our regular ministry.

This preparation will likely change the way you enter the building. A number of current parking spots will be covered by the construction, so you also may need to park in a different location. We have numbered the entry doors from 1 to 5. Each entry door will have a large number above the door to identify that entrance. Here is a chart to help you know which door to enter for each part of the building and the best place to park for that entrance. There is a map included to help you visualize the building and parking lots.

Door #1: Lobby and Main Auditorium entrance. There will be a drop-off point near this entrance with a few handicapped spaces in parking lot A and more in lot D. Other parking will be available in lots B, C, and D.

Door #2: student::life area on the south side of the building. The best parking for this entrance will be in lots D and E.

Door #3: New entrance for Common Grounds and the office reception area. Located off the patio area, the best parking for this entrance will be in lots D, E, and F. There will be handicapped parking in lot F near the building.

Doors #4 and #5: kid::life entryways. These entrances are in the same location they were previously–on the northwest side of the building. Parking spaces in lots F, G, and H are closest to these entrances.

To make sure that our guests and first-time visitors have a great experience, we request that able-bodied staff and ministry partners park in lots D and E at the ends farthest from the building.

Thank you for working with us during the expansion. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact John Hillard.

April 13, 2017:
New Common Ground Door Being Installed

The initial step in the construction process is to create a new entrance into Common Grounds. On Wednesday, April 12 our construction company started converting a window into a set of doors. This entrance is being designed to create a greater connectivity between Common Grounds and the patio, but also serves as an alternate entrance when the current Common Grounds entrance is closed next week for the beginning of the expansion.

On Sunday, you will see clear, thick draping in Common Grounds to prevent any dust or debris from coming into the building.