Faith Promise

How do we fund all the ministry we do around the world? We do it through our Faith Promise commitments.

Our general budget supports the many ministries at Living Word and is also used to help our local community of York experience the grace and goodness of God. Local missions is part of our general budget.

Global ministry is not part of our general budget. It is supported through additional generosity. Through Faith Promise, we deliver What the World Needs Now to many places around the world.

This year we want to raise $375,000. This money will support 6 Hubs (strategic locations of major involvement on our part); 18 missional leaders in 12 locations; and 5 projects.

How You Can Leave A Missional Footprint
Where You Live & Around the World

  • Love what God loves. God loves the world, so you should love the world.
  • Be informed so you can become sensitive to the needs of our world today.
  • Act locally. God has put you here and wants to use you. You can make a difference by saying, like the prophet Isaiah, “Here am I, Lord, use me.”
  • Serve locally with opportunities at and through Living Word.
  • Pray about the Just One Person who you want to reach, serve, and help, so they can connect with Christ in and through Living Word.
  • Perform random acts of kindness, love, and service every day. Freely you have received, freely give. Pray for the world, our missionaries, and people and situations in the news.
  • Travel on a mission trip. Learn more!
  • Give to Faith Promise to help us support people God has called to full-time missional work around the world.

Topics & Events

March 4 • Renewal

March 11 • Healing
Ministry Fair (Logos Academy, Human Life Services, Pappus House, Servants: Home Helps) and book sale following Sunday morning services
6:30 pm: Aaron Anderson addressing “Where Will the World Find the Healing It Needs” Coffee House in Common Grounds

March 18 • Resources
Ministry Fair (Global Aid Network, World Relief, Perspectives) and book sale following Sunday morning services
6:30 pm: Brian Newman & Ed McManness sharing “Experiences Working with Muslims” Coffee House in Common Grounds

March 25 • Justice / Palm Sunday
Ministry Fair (LifePath Christian Ministries, Ladder to the Light, Katallasso, Young Lives) and book sale following Sunday morning services

March 30 • Shalom / Good Friday

March 31 & April 1 • Life  / Easter Services



AARON ANDERSON is the CEO of Logos Academy. He is an ordained minister, and served in pastoral roles for 10 years in York. Aaron’s passion is to help the Church be the voice, hands, and feet of Jesus, going to the places Jesus would go, and serving the people Jesus would serve, especially the marginalized and hurting.

AARON KUNCE is the congregational life pastor of Living Word. He has been a pastor here for 10 years—leading the pastoral care team, marriage ministry, and Alpha. Aaron is passionate about leading people in a post-Christian culture to discover and live in the Way of Jesus.

BRIAN NEWMAN has been in missions work for almost 30 years and is the founder and lead consultant of the Isaac-Ishmael Initiative. He has a passion for reaching the unreached, especially in the Muslim world. Brian will be joining the Living Word staff in July 2018.

BRIAN RICE is the lead pastor at Living Word. Brian has ministered in over 50 countries, working with churches, mission organizations, and schools, as well as training and resourcing leaders. His desire is to empower the people of Living Word to fulfill new missional challenges and opportunities.