10 Best Ideas from Our 38th President

I am always paying attention to what I can learn from leaders. Not only do I study biblical leaders for explicit biblical wisdom (I have been studying Moses and King David in recent months), I also study political leaders, business leaders, and cultural leaders. In this case, a political leader. Gerald Ford was our 38th president. Here are 10 best ideas and practices he tried to live and lead by:

1.  Be optimistic.

2. Don’t dwell on past failures, but do learn from them.

3. Morals matter – develop good ones. Hone a fine sense of what is right and wrong. Then do what is right.

4. Set goals that are worthy of your life.

5. Strive for excellence.

6. Make sure that opponents do not become enemies (do what you can to be at peace with opposition).

7. Respect others – always. (One way you prevent opponents from becoming enemies.)

8. Be authentic and lead with authenticity.

9. Work hard to be informed on the issues, all sides of the issues.

10. And generally – work hard, persevere through challenges, do not give up.

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