10 Christmas Favorites || Guest Blog by Lisa Long

10 Things I Love About the Christmas Season by Lisa Long

  1. Anticipating Christmas. I love to read through a different Advent devotional each year. It really helps set the tone for the whole season.
  2. Watching Christmas movies with the family, even though they refuse to watch It’s a Wonderful Life with me! The Muppet Christmas Carol is my second favorite (it’s surprisingly true to Dickens).
  3. Listening to Christmas music (AFTER Thanksgiving). I’ve always loved the traditional Christmas carol, We Three Kings. A newer favorite is Mary Did You Know?
  4. Eating peppermint bark. Homemade or store-bought, it’s all good.
  5. Sitting by the fireplace, with the only illumination coming from the flames and candles.
  6. Wrapping gifts. I really do enjoy it—especially in combination with #3, #4, and #5.
  7. Having all of our young adults under one roof again (however briefly).
  8. Watching the snow fall.
  9. Attending a Christmas Eve candlelight service. This service is always so meaningful and makes me think of all the other Christians throughout the world who are celebrating Jesus’ birth along with us.
  10. Spending Christmas Day with my Mom, Dad, and extended family. We’ll have 19 people at my parents’ house this year!

My prayer for you this Christmas season is that you would feel the quiet peace of our Savior in the midst of all the activity, and that your celebrations with family and friends would resonate with his love.


P.S. With regard to #8 above, I like to watch the snow, but I do NOT like to drive in it. I’m a Marylander through and through, so if there’s a flake in the air when I’m driving it’s cause for major concern (much to the chagrin of my husband, who’s from South Dakota)!