15 Years of Your Life!

There were several items that really generated response from people in the Sunday message. One of them was the chart below.

I pointed out that we are a culture that has as its two main mottos: Just Buy It and Just Watch It. We no longer Just Do It. We no longer seize the day with the many opportunities to live with meaning and purpose. We now seize the credit card to buy it (I shop, therefore I am) and we seize the remote control to change channels.

There are so many studies about how we spend our time. They consistently report vast amounts of our time devoted to social media usage and TV viewing. Between these two things, the typical North American adult, by the age of 72, will spend 15 years of his or her life watching TV and using social media.

We have been derailed from meaning and purpose.

Can we just stop having the conversation about work-life balance. That is really a smokescreen to the real issue. The real issue is simply life balance or life integrity. To spend 15 of your 72 years on TV and social media, that is way out of balance. If you need more time, start there. If you can start to reclaim and reorient some of that time to other things that are full of meaning and purpose, then your life will have much greater integrity.

You will have a much higher likelihood of hearing through your days, “Well done, good and faithful servant-friend.”

And by the way, I watch TV and I enjoy social media. And I have hobbies that I enjoy and entertainments and amusements that are a lot of fun. And I occasionally shop… especially for books, which somehow seem to get my attention. But (except for books) I keep all that in moderation. All of these things are fine as parts of your life, they just cannot be the operational center of your life, which they have become for so many of us.

This is not going to change overnight, but it can start to change today. It will take effort and persistence to change these habits of the heart, but change they must if we are going to live into a Real and Worthy Identity, if we are going to find Real and Worthy Meaning, and if we are going to pursue a Real and Worthy Mission.

It’s what Jesus wants you to live for.

Grace, joy, and focused determination be to you,

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice