Month: February 2018

A New Addition to Our Staff

I think many of you remember it was my good friend Brian Newman who spiritually poked, prodded, and pushed me to pay attention to the leading of God about becoming the next lead pastor of Living Word. Way back when Pastor Steve was just beginning the transition process for succession, Brian Newman reflected with me about how I would be a good fit to follow Pastor Steve. I told him I wasn’t interested. Brian didn’t let the matter drop and from time to time would probe about how things were going with finding a new senior pastor!

When we had received another batch of resumes and were not finding anyone, Brian told me, “Maybe this is God getting your attention.” And so began a mentoring session where Brian helped me process this situation and the senior pastor role.

And as they say, the rest is history. Even if it is a short history, it has been a good history. And I am grateful to God for using Brian for his prompting and mentoring about this calling.

Here is a clip from his Sunday morning visit on January 1, 2017:


I love our church.

I love our staff. Wow, are …

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The Marriage Book … It Was Really Good

Not that I needed it (if you know what I mean).

Many of you were with us on the Sunday when I held up the marriage book that I was about to read.

Well, I read it.

I started it on the flight to Ethiopia and finished it yesterday.

It was good. Very good.


First, for affirmation of the good things that are in our marriage, the track we have been on for decades, the lessons we have learned, and the best practices we put into action.

Then, for encouragement, motivation, and direction to re-engage on things I know but tend to neglect (which I think most of have to address). Along the way, how many messages,  insights, and painful experiences have we had that have showed us what is good, right, and true, but which we neglect? Even when we read things we already know, that reading brings them to the front burner and reminds us to put it into practice.

Next, for a reminder that good marriage does not just happen. All marriages require work. Good marriages require a lot of work. And a lot of work makes for a good marriage.

Finally, for being married

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