Month: August 2019

Identity Message Series

Few things are as powerful and confusing as your identity and image.  God has beautiful and transformative things to say about who you are and who you can become. When you know who you really are, when you know your people and your place, when you know the truest things about you–you flourish. Join us […]

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“40” by U2

This past Sunday, Pastor Brian spoke about the song “40” by U2.  The song was originally included on their album War, and leading crowds in singing the song has become a feature of U2’s concerts. The lyrics are lifted directly from Psalm 40.   As U2 lead singer Bono told the Los Angeles Times in […]

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Sunday Plus: How to Grow at Living Word

One of Living Word’s strengths is the wide variety of classes and events we offer. In our latest Sunday Plus, Pastor Brian gives a brief overview of how to find a place to grow at Living Word. Explore your options on our homepage, in your weekly program, or stop by the Next Steps Center in […]

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