Month: October 2019

The Tree of Forty Fruits

A friend sent me a remarkable article and video about The Tree of Forty Fruits. It is about 5 minutes long. I cold not help but see this as a parable/metaphor for what God is doing in the church.

God is grafting onto our church wonderful, diverse fruit. And the diversity makes for a more beautiful than ever tree.

Check out Romans 11:11–24 for the theme of God grafting new people onto the tree of his original people.

And read Jesus’ words on the vine and branches (and fruit) in John 15:1–17.

– Pastor Brian


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Women in the Marketplace

On Thursday, October 3, 72 women joined together for our first Women in the Marketplace gathering! The event included breakfast, networking, a keynote presentation on the power of influence, and a panel discussion.

These events, held three times per year, will empower women to leverage their influence in all spheres of life. Regardless of age or background, women will have the opportunity to grow professionally, personally and spiritually.

Here at Living Word we are passionate about equipping women in their roles as leaders. That can mean they lead in a traditional 9-5 vocation, or in a ministry or community group.

Our next Women in the Marketplace gathering will take place in early 2020.

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The Coming War on the Family

I don’t like to exaggerate.

I don’t like to blow things out of proportion.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

But I am not going to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend that things are headed in the right direction when they are not.

Here is the link to a recent reflection by mega-church pastor and well-known author, James Emory White.

He talks about trends against the family. You can read it here.

I regularly read serious journal articles that talk about what is going on in our culture. Christians are going to have to learn how to be influencers in a world with radically non-Christian and even anti-Christian values.

Pastor Brian Rice

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Food Insecurity in York

Living Word will be collecting donations for the York County Food Bank beginning October 13 and running through October 20 to share our abundance with our neighbors facing food insecurity.

What does it mean to experience food insecurity? It simply means that you face a lack of consistent access to enough food to keep you healthy.

Food insecurity may be an issue in families who seem like they’re doing fine but are actually struggling to make ends meet. When choosing between utility bills or groceries, many of our neighbors choose cheaper foods that don’t have enough nutrients. It may mean that a food-insecure family eats well on payday but can’t afford groceries by the end of the month. An unexpected medical bill might mean that a family has to skip dinner. Overall, over 10% of the people in York County face food insecurity.

Food insecurity is especially impactful on children, where it can inhibit brain development, immune system development, and lead to overall poor health and academic performance. In York County, over 15,000 children don’t have a consistent supply of nutritious foods. That’s nearly 16% of all of the kids in York!

Thank you, Living Word, for all of the …

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