Month: September 2020

Voter Registration

In light of the impending elections and the great passion being generated, I am going to do some occasional posts on citizenship and the public sphere. The most basic right and responsibility of citizenship is, first of all, to: VOTE If you are not registered to VOTE,  the deadline is October 19. It is easy […]

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Monday Sermon Backing

An established tradition in the United States is Monday morning quarterbacking. It is the backward look at what just happened on Sunday in the NFL. What went wrong? What should the team have done? And since the quarterback is the figure that controls the flow of the game, how did the quarterback do and what […]

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You Are Someone’s Philip

In last week’s sermon, Pastor Brian Rice outlined the idea that you might be someone’s Philip. The story comes from John 12, when a group of Greeks who were visiting the Jewish Passover festival asked to see Jesus. Now there were some Greeks among those who went up to worship at the festival. They came […]

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