Month: October 2020

Sermon Backing on “The Way of Love”

I thought it was appropriate to finish The Jesus Way series on the theme of love. There are few things as important as love. We need love and need to love. When we are not loved and when we are unable to love—that is about as painful as life gets. While we long for love, […]

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Sermon Backing on John 20:21-23

In John 20:21-23, Jesus defines our purpose as his missional followers. Jesus is sending everyone, everywhere, all the time, to do his work, his way. I love to find thoughtful quotes and let them inspire me as they illustrate scripture. Here are some I used on Sunday. Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church and […]

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Life Coaching at Living Word

The Counseling Center at Living Word recently added coaching services. Our three certified life coaches—Rebecca Rice, John Hilliard, and Gordon Carpenter—sat down this week to discuss what coaching offers and who would benefit from working with a life coach. “Counseling is when you hit the difficulties of life; coaching is when you have an area […]

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