The 2020 One-Year Generous Give

At LWCC, we celebrate all that God has done!

Between the time when our capital campaign started in November 2016 and when construction started in May 2017 we raised a portion of what was needed to pay for the expansion project. The other portion was provided by our bank. We borrowed $6.1 million, and through your generous gifts over the past 18 months, we have paid off a significant amount of this loan. At the end of The Best is Yet to Come campaignthe balance of the loan will be $3.7 million.

We have a ONE YEAR GOAL of raising $1.5 million. The more we can raise above that goal, the more we will be able to move into our future and fully invest in the work God calls us to do.


How to Give

Fill out your commitment card

Set up your recurring gift


Who is This For?

We are asking the many generous donors who were part of The Best is Yet to Come campaign to walk with us in The 2020 One-Year Generous Give. Your involvement made possible this expanded facility and our increased ministry capacity.

We are inviting those who were not able to be a part of The Best is Yet to Come campaign to join with us in a one-year commitment. You are a valuable part of our church family. Every person and every gift matters. Together we can make an amazing difference in our community.

We are welcoming the many new friends at Living Word to partner with us in 2020. We all benefit from the generosity and love of those who have gone before us and made this place a reality. Together we want to bless those who are still to come.