4 Ways You Keep Fresh, Growing, and Learning

Here is my short list of MUST DO things to stay fresh in my thinking, growing in my abilities and capacity, and constantly learning.

ONE: Get New Ideas and Insights
You will really gather new ideas and insights as you read. What you read is up to you, but there are things you can best learn primarily through reading and reflecting. Read, reflect, think, consider, ponder, study, and come to your best conclusions and applications. For those who want to be great leaders, reading is vital. I read a book that was a collection of letters from leaders offering their best advice to emerging leaders. Over and over, these leaders from various arenas of life said: Learn by reading.

TWO: Meet New People
People are a source of stories, ideas, experiences, challenges, opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, and generally anything else you can think of. I love to meet new people. I love to ask questions. I love to listen. I am just curious and interested in people. Try to meet someone new every week. And try to learn something new from your existing network of people every week. Conversations are the “stuff” of life.

THREE: Travel
In other words, get to new places. Are you starting to see a pattern? New ideas. New people. New places. When you go to new places, you meet new people and are exposed to new ideas. I have been greatly blessed by my international travel through many decades. I have been exposed to so many things, had so many experiences, met so many great people, and been outside my comfort zone so often. One of the great opportunities I hope you all take advantage of is taking part in one of Living Word’s mission trips. While it may be a bit of an exaggeration to say it will change your life, it will certainly recharge it.

FOUR: Try New Things
Life is way too big and interesting to simply do the same old thing (no matter how good that thing is). Variety does add spice to life. Diversity does stretch you. New experiences do provide depth and breadth to your way of thinking. So start a new hobby. Take a step and try something you’ve not done before. Learn a language. Learn to play a musical instrument. Try a new sport. Be creative. Step out and just do it.

These four things will bring some new flourishing into your life.

Be blessed in whatever you do,
Pastor Brian

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