5 Things I Have Learned About Laying Good Foundations



foun-da-tion (noun): usually a stone or concrete structure that supports a building.

foun-da-tion (noun): something (such as an idea, principle, or fact) that provides support for something.

Watching the building construction progress at Living Word has been enlightening, especially watching all the work going on with the foundations. Almost every day I walk around and look at the progress being made, but when it comes to the foundations, it is often disappointing! Did anything happen today? Was there any progress today?

Here are five things I began to notice about foundations:

ONE: Putting in foundations is just hard, hard work. There are no simple, easy shortcuts. Digging through rock, preparing the footers, placing the electrical and plumbing systems – it’s all laborious, to say the least.

TWO: Putting in foundations takes time. Putting in strong, lasting foundations takes a lot of time. It is usually pretty slow going.

THREE: If you don’t get the foundations right you will have nothing but problems later. In other words, good foundations matters most.

FOUR: It often looks like little or no progress is being made. There were many days (and a few weeks) where there was a lot of activity, but little observable results.

FIVE: When the foundations are finally in place, you see the exciting work of something new being built on those foundations.

We just finished a series on awakening (or renewal/revival). I believe renewal/revival is when God takes us back to the foundations. It is easy to ignore foundations. It is easy to take them for granted. It is easy to not do the hard work of maintaining foundations. When we neglect our foundations, then what is built on top of the foundation cannot last.

Parenting, marriage, career, law, business, politics, education – everything has and needs good foundations. The Christian life needs them, too. Tomorrow I will give you five foundations that you need for your faith.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice