6 Reasons Why I Know You Can Change

You can Change. You will Change. How do I know?

First: Because it happens all the time. You have changed on hundreds of things over the years. You have already changed. You have a track record of change.

Second: Because with God all things are possible. God is at work in your life. He is at work to will and work according to his pleasure. He is at work to bring to completion what he has started.

Third: Because there are times when you have new motivations that propel change. It may be a crisis that motivates change. It may be something that inspires you. Or convicts you. Or challenges you. Or excites you. But you will find the needed motivation.

Fourth: Because you have a preference for life.Because life is always changing around you, you must adapt to a changing world (or perish). You didn’t always know how to use a cell phone. Or a computer. Or the Internet. Or on-line banking. Or, really, most of what is now pretty standard stuff in our digitally disrupted world. The world has changed massively, and you have learned how to change along with it. You had to, just to survive. And you will do more of the same next month and next year.

Fifth: Because you are a survivor. You have already had hard things happen in your life. You survived. You have already suffered loss, failure, and defeat. You are still here. You have faced setbacks, you have been sidelined, you have been passed over, you have been neglected – and by God’s grace and your own persevering trust in God, life goes on. So do you. Whether you are aware of it or not, everything I have just mentioned required an adaptability on your part. You changed.

Sixth: Because there is more to you than what you see. You have more abilities and competencies then you realize. You take yourself for granted more than you realize. God sees the future and better you. God sees a future and more mature you. God knows what he has in store for you. God knows how you are going to grow, learn, develop and mature. All that means change.


In all these things, I am not merely giving some positive-thinking pep talk. I am stating reality and I am talking theology.

You can and should live with much more confidence and optimism about how you will grow and change in the years to come. That will help you step out of the comfort zones and into the stretch zones where the greatest change happens. You will see those places and times as your friends, as your stepping stones to the future God has for you.

With God, the best is yet to come.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice