7 Christmas Favorites || Guest Blog by Adam Dacheux

Today, get to know the 7 favorite Christmas traditions and experiences of Adam Dacheux.

  1. The smell of a fresh cut pine tree in the house. Or in our case this year, a crooked parking lot pine tree. Never again.
  2. The seemingly endless flow of cookies and sweets.
  3. Hearing my favorite Christmas song, O Holy Night.
  4. Being reunited with distant family.
  5. Giving and receiving presents.
  6. A white Christmas is always a special treat. A wet Christmas, not so much.
  7. The stillness that Christmas Day can bring . . . where the constant hum of a busy world ceases for a moment and our only focus is being with the ones we love.

May the spirit of God surround your homes and loved ones as you gather and celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas.


P.S. And a special blessing to those who face the daunting task of freeing that new toy from its packaging, untwisting and chopping through the many straps that hold it in its cardboard jail. Godspeed to you!