8 Ways You Can Help Us Help Others Have a Great Easter at Living Word

Pastor Aaron and I were at a conference recently. One of the workshops Aaron attended provided these statistics.

20% of people attend church
20% say they attend, but rarely do
20% would attend if invited
40% don’t attend and won’t even if invited

That 40% is a group we really care about, but they are hard to reach. That is one of the reasons for our Living Word Community Center model. It is also why “Fresh Expressions” are needed for those who are highly allergic to the Christian faith.

But notice the 20% who say they attend but rarely do and the 20% who would attend if invited! They are the ones that we can reach on Easter.

Here is how you can help us help others have a great Easter experience.

1. Invite friends and family. It’s called word of mouth. It is the number one reason why people visit a church – a friend invited them. I have met a number of guests and visitors in recent weeks who are here because someone invited them to come. Who are the two or three people highest on your invite list? Pray and ask. Remember, the answer is always no if you don’t ask. 

2. Give them an Easter invite card. It has all of the relevant information. Invite someone by tagging them or sending them a message on our Facebook page, Instagram, or twitter. Or send them the church website as a link: LWCCyork.com/Easter.

3. Tell them you will meet them. Encourage them to arrive 15 minutes early on Easter, especially if they have children. Meet them and walk them to the kid::life area. Help them get situated.

4. Parking! Parking is a huge matter. We actually have lots of parking in the major lots that are in the front of the church. If you are a committed attendee/member at Living Word, please do us a favor by parking far out in the church lot. I park out there every Sunday. I want to make room for guests to park closer. Help us out by making the closer spots available for our guests.

4a. Doors. When people park in our main parking lots they can enter the building easiest through Doors 1, 2, and 3.

5. Seats in the sanctuary. Thanks to the many people who have already said they will help us with seats at the 9:30 am Main Auditorium service by going to another service. Our Saturday evening service and our 8:00 am service will have plenty of room and the same worship and message experience. If you have any flexibility and can attend one of those services that will be a GREAT help. Please let us know you are willing to move by filling out our survey  so we can prepare for kid::life and Middle School staffing needs so your kids can have a great experience! 

6. Seats in the sanctuary (part 2). When you get a seat, it really helps if you can sit in the center and not put coats or pocketbooks on empty seats. And even though it seems a bit awkward, don’t leave spaces between you and someone else. If everyone did that, our 1,500 seat sanctuary would hold 750 people. Help us hold 1,500 people.

7. Be an extra Guest Services representative. We actually have a team of people who are equipped to do Guest Services, but it is great when we have a church full of people with that mindset. We need people who go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. If you see someone on Easter weekend who looks like they need direction, introduce yourself, say hi, and help them have a great experience. After all, Living Word is about two things: Jesus and the people of Jesus. We want guests to leave with a beautiful experience of Jesus and just as positive an experience of our congregation.

8. And above all these things, PRAY. Pray for God to be at work during our services. Pray for God to be at work in the hearts of our guests. Pray for grace-filled Jesus encounters this Holy Week.

Easter ends our What the World Needs Now series and launches our new series, LIFE. We hope to have many people come back in the following weeks to explore, discover, and enjoy LIFE.

Thanks for being one of the missional friends of Jesus.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Brian

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