9 Christmas Favorites || Guest Blog by Cass Delp

Can you believe that Christmas is only 1 week away?! Today we are starting a new blog mini-series called What I Love About Christmas, featuring a few staff members from Living Word.

9 Things I Love About the Christmas Season by Cass Delp, kid::life Director

  1. Spending time with family and catching up with those I don’t see very often. Growing up, I had three cousins who I did everything with. We were so close we called ourselves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (I was Michelangelo 😊.)
  2. Decorating. My husband, Bob, gave me a Hallmark Christmas Ornament our first Christmas as a couple (1999) and then on our first Christmas as a married couple (2001). Each year we put those ornaments on the tree together. It’s such a sweet memory.
  3. Having only Christmas lights on in the house. I’m a clear Christmas lights kind of person all the way! They’re so beautiful to sit back and enjoy the sights of Christmas by.
  4. Christmas morning. Often I am more excited than my kids! I’m usually the first one up and I turn on all the Christmas lights, along with Christmas music. Then I make noise, so they wake up.  Before a gift is opened, we center our morning on Jesus by having one of my kids read the story of Jesus’ birth, talking about all the wonderful things he has done for us, and praying together as a family.
  5. Looking at outdoor lights and decorations. Each December we pick a night to drive around drinking our favorite hot drinks (hoping the kids don’t spill theirs in the car) and looking at Christmas lights.
  6. Attending a Christmas Eve Candlelight service has been a favorite since childhood. For me, seeing the church light up with candles while singing Silent Night is a beautiful time of experiencing the presence of Jesus.
  7. Watching Christmas movies. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (original version) is my favorite!
  8. Making gingerbread houses with Bob and the kids. Creating memories and keeping traditions alive is so important to do with your kids. Now that I have a teen and a tween, I treasure these times more than ever.
  9. Serving and giving to the less fortunate. This is a tangible way my family and I can spread the love of Jesus.

My prayer for you this Christmas season is that your hearts would be filled with the joy and peace of Christ.


P.S. I spill way more drinks in the car than my kids do!