A Community of Conversation

I love conversations.

I love them so much that I wrote a workbook on Spiritual Formation and gave it the simple title Conversations.

I strike up conversations with total strangers.

I have lingering conversations with my good friends.

I have delightful conversations with my small group.

I have mentoring conversations with leaders.

I have teaching conversations with groups ranging from 10 people to thousands of people.

I have micro-bursts of conversations with over 100 people every Sunday morning.

I have conversations with God (usually called prayer).

And I have conversations with myself (often called a disorder of some kind), but hopefully mine are simply the self-aware, meditations of my heart.

They are the stuff of relationships
and relationships are the stuff of life.

Here is a great thought I borrowed from John Howard Yoder and just touched up a bit.  It is one important way that I understand the church and what we do around here.

“The New Testament congregation has been described as a community of conversation guided by agents of direction (apostles, prophets), agents of memory (scribes, storytellers), agents of linguistic self-consciousness (teachers), and agents of order and due process (overseers, elders, shepherds, deacons).”

Conversations are what we do around here.
It is what leaders must do.
And we try to do them very well!

These conversations become the stepping stones and springboards to everything else.

  • Loving relationships
  • Times of dreaming God’s dreams for us
  • Working through the problems of the day
  • Planning for the future
  • Leading change
  • Launching new ministries
  • Personal growth
  • And everything else

May Jesus make you into a wonderful conversationalist and may you have great conversations with good friends, total strangers, and with the Lord our God.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice