A Mighty (Blanket) Fortress || Guest post by Pastor Garrett Lowe

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Are your children spending too much time in front of screens?

We are certainly living in a unique season of history right now. I cannot remember a time when schools and businesses were forced to shut down for this long.

Many parents and young people are being confronted with empty schedules with no place to go. One of the easiest responses to boredom is to search for entertainment. And while entertainment is not bad, there are other forms of content worth pursuing to help pass the time.

I want to recommend finding content that inspires and educates. And the Parent Vault contains both!

There is so much uncertainty, unknowns, and a lot of uncharted territory in our world today. But God is in control and is an ever-present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).

In the Parent Vault, I have put together a fun and creative resource for you to encourage your child with these precious spiritual truths.

*Hint: It involves some furniture and lots of blankets.

My desire for the Parent Vault is to help parents engage their children with God’s Word and God’s heart, and I pray that this month’s activity will be something that your children remember for years to come.

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