A Necessary Word About Sin

The Prodigal Prophet is a collection of sermons and reflections by Tim Keller on the prophet Jonah. If you have never read anything by Keller, I recommend you check out any of these other books:

The Prodigal God, about the lost son and elder son parable.

Counterfeit Gods, about the idols of our time (like $$$, sex, power, beauty, status)

Generous Justice, one of the best books on how goodness, justice, charity, and grace flow together.

But I digress. Here is the thought from Keller’s Prodigal Prophet I want to pass on.

At the core of our disobedience and refusal to follow the ways of God is that we do not trust God has our best interests at heart.

“All sin against God is ground in a refusal to believe that God is more dedicated to our good, and more aware of what that is, then we are. We distrust God because we assume he is not truly for us, that if we give him complete control, we will be miserable” (p. 137).

That is vintage Keller.
That is vintage theology.
That is vintage spiritual psychology.
And that is vintage FLOURISHING.

The way to abundant (real and eternal, more and better) life is to trust God, obey the will of Jesus, and follow him in all things.

Any other way, however good it may seem, is a way to pain and hurt, and, eventually, to destruction.

Pastor Brian

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