A Sign of the SpringTimes

April4_blogbSpring is here. The weather is changing, although a little more slowly than I would prefer. Plants are sending up growth. The grass in our leveled field along Route 24 is starting to grow (at least a little). Our Global Missions Conference is over (and we had a great time with our speakers).

Yes, spring is here. The signs of spring include building renovation and construction. Plans are almost fully approved. Contractors are lined up. The machines and the workmen will soon be descending on Living Word.

officeEven before they get here, our staff is cleaning out offices, packing up stuff, and getting ready to move to temporary offices. I am packing up my books. A lot of books. The last time I did this I was 45 years old. These books seem a lot heavier today than 15 years ago! (The shelves are starting to look empty.)

We are excited.
Yes, it will be a little more inconvenient.
Okay, it will probably be a lot more inconvenient.
But we will have so much more opportunity to reach the next generation and, in fact, all generations.

Keep the church in your prayers. We will be communicating on a weekly basis, with the latest progress and any information you may need for Sunday mornings.

Looking ahead toward Easter,

Pastor Brian


Brian Rice