A Teacher and So Much More

Jesus is always more than…

He is more than a prophet. More than a teacher. More than a healer. He is always those things, but Jesus is always more than any ONE thing. And Jesus usually goes about those things differently than we would expect, or perhaps want.

He categorically redefines the categories. Murder is no longer the real problem, the anger in your heart is. Now we are all in the same boat. Adultery is no longer the real problem, the lust in your heart is. Now, we are all in the same rapidly sinking boat.

He takes ideas, which are hard in themselves, and elevates them to impossible levels where we have no practical chance to actually do them. Don’t be anxious! Give away everything and come follow me! Lose your life to find it! Deny your self (when our whole world and its existence is devoted for you to worship yourself and gratify its every desire)! Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect! Say what?!

There is something going on here. Jesus is more than a teacher of interesting ideas. More than a dispenser of witty sayings. More than a storyteller and a parable preacher. He is Truth itself—living, shining, beautiful truth. And our darkness has become so thick and dense, it takes some time to realize that Jesus is so much more than just the latest hip, trending teacher. Never less than, but always more than.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice