A Week of Baptisms

And what a GREAT week it was!

Pastor Aaron led a team of staff, including Cass Delp, Chris Smith, Ned Keene, Garrett Lowe, and myself, through a week of baptisms for 45 people, with a few hundred family and friends in attendance.

The stories ranged from sweet to astonishing (and many were both).

The ages ranged from 3rd and 4th grade to, well, let’s just say 70ish is the new 50ish.

It was a time of great celebration for the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ and how he is saving, forgiving, and transforming lives.

Our worship arts tech team has everything on video and you will be seeing and hearing their stories in the weeks to come.

People are already asking when we are doing the next baptism. And just so you know, any of these baptisms are open to anyone in the congregation who wants to come and participate in the joy of the new stories God is writing.

YAY GOD! Great things You have done and great things You are doing. Enjoy these pictures as a taste of many more we will be showing.

Pastor Brian

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Brian Rice