All You Need is Love

Well, maybe it’s not all you need, but it’s certainly the first thing you need.

Robert Putnam is a sociologist (I love these people) who understands the power of love and the dangers of isolation, loneliness, and lacking the love of a community. In his research, Putnam found that, “if you belong to no groups but decide to join one, you cut your risk of dying the next year in half.”

Hey, for no other reason then this, contact Ned Keene, our small groups pastor!

This next thought is a bit comical. Thaddeus Williams reports one study that found that relationally connected people who have bad health habits (smoking, drinking, bad diet, overweight) consistently outlive isolated people who have healthy habits.

Imagine how long and how well you can live with healthy habits in a loving community.

Hey, in the beginning God said it is not good for anyone to be alone. It was not good then. It is not good now. It won’t be any different tomorrow.

We are here to help you find a community, a tribe, a people, a group of friends to whom you can belong so that you can live longer, live better, and flourish.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice