An Update From Servants

“[We] try to make it easy for people to get plugged into missions,” Trent Davis, Founder/CEO of Servants says. The Servants office is bustling on a Tuesday afternoon, with volunteers sorting and folding towels and linens recently donated from a hotel. Trent and Relationships Director Marcia Meehan walk around the office, pointing out a volunteer staging area and a warehouse full of donated construction materials and appliances. 

A Servants crew poses with a client.

Servants focuses on local home repairs, disaster relief in the Eastern U.S., and international missions in Guatemala and Uganda. “From the beginning,” Trent says, “we always felt God was calling us to those three areas.” 

Living Word has partnered with Servants for the past 3 years, providing volunteers twice a month for the Home Helps program, which repairs homes in York and Lancaster County. Volunteers don’t need to be construction-savvy to help with home helps projects. “Most people have no [construction] skills when they start and they learn things as they go,” Trent says. In a typical year, Servants has over 600 volunteers, but in 2020 they had only 208, even though they completed 100 projects.

“It seems like such a small thing to us, but to the homeowner it’s like, ‘Man you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to get this fixed,’” Trent says. Eighty-five percent of those they serve through Home Helps are over 50 years old“We’re trying to build relationships with homeowners, and using volunteers is the best way to do that.”  

Trent Davis and Marcia Meehan show the speaker/camera technology purchased with a grant from Living Word.

“The people we serve develop a trust level with the guys,” Marcia adds. This makes them more willing to reach out when they need help. A Servants client recently shared how she had developed relationships with the crew who repaired her home. Marcia adds, “She said, I love when the guys come and visit because I love seeing them and praying with them.” Many of their older clients are facing isolation, especially when they don’t have friends or family nearby. “A lot of times, we’re the only people that they see or talk to,” Trent says.  

COVID-19 has obviously affected Servant’s international relief work. In mid-2020, Living Word provided Servants with a grant to purchase technology to improve remote work. Trent points out a small speaker/camera in the center of the conference table. “Everything we do has a Zoom element,” Trent says. The new technology has allowed them to continue trainings, Bible studies, conferencing, and remote work during the pandemic.  

Servants received $10,000 as part of the 2020 Christmas Eve offering. To see a full list of the local organizations we supported with the Christmas Eve Offering, click here. To volunteer with Servants, click here. 

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