More Than a Cup of Cold Water for the Bahamas || guest blog by John Hilliard

Today’s blog post is written by John Hilliard, pastor of global ministry and local outreach. 

As most of us watched the weather last week, Hurricane Dorian was bearing down as a Category 5 storm on the small group of islands called the Bahama’s. Because it is near the east coast, I’m sure many of us from York County have visited this island paradise. But a paradise it is no more. This massive storm sat over the island, progressing at less than 5 miles per hour with winds in excess of 180 mph devastating everything in its path. Reports from people who survived the storm are terrifying as their homes were literally blown away as they hunkered down within them.

The cleanup is just beginning as well as accounting for people lost and killed by the storm’s fury. Many organizations are stepping up to help, cruise lines are bringing in food and evacuating people. Celebrity chef Jose Andres is feeding hundreds of people each day. Water is the biggest crisis. Where they don’t have clean water disease, dehydration and many other problems follow.

Living Word has found a partner to help provide clean water in situations like this. In the past …

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A California Christmas Tradition (Pastor John Hilliard)

Today on the blog, John Hilliard, our Pastor of Global Ministry and Local Outreach, shares some favorite Christmas traditions.

Growing up in California in a family of four boys always provided for lots of energy and excitement with never a dull moment. Christmas was no exception.

Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations after Thanksgiving and making sure that we hung the outside Christmas lights (remember the ones with the big bulbs?) was always exciting (especially making sure no one fell off the ladder!).

We opened our presents on Christmas morning. No one slept well that night, anticipating what gifts we were going to receive. We would open the gifts one at a time and were taught to make sure that we thanked the person who gave it.

When I was 11 or 12, I bought one of my brothers a toy fire truck using my own money. It changed my idea of giving to see his delight when he opened the gift.

Music is always a big part of our celebrations. With children and grandchildren, and a musically inclined family, singing old carols in four-part harmony, playing instruments together, and enjoying the gift of music is a big part …

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A Generous Christmas Tradition – Guest Blog by John Hilliard

Life can be so busy, especially at this time of the year. We’re preparing for relatives to visit, going to the kids’ choir concerts, hosting Christmas parties, and so much more, that we often miss the needs of others around us. LifePath Christian Ministries provides a place for women and children to live where they can have their basic needs met while they are getting back on their feet again. Meals are an important part of this ministry. Up until last year, they had an old oven that took over an hour to preheat and hours to cook a casserole. Our Christmas Eve Offering from last year purchased a new commercial oven for LifePath, which makes it much easier to provide food for the women and their children.

This season is all about having a heart to give. Living Word has been blessed to be a blessing for almost 40 years. The Christmas Eve Offering is when generosity pours out of us as a wonderful gift to people here in York and around the world. We give all of it away; not a single cent stays at Living Word.

Our goal for 2017 is $225,000, benefitting 20 organizations – 8 …

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Why I Am Considered Privileged | Guest Post by John Hilliard

I have made many friends throughout my life all throughout the world. Wherever I have gone I notice they don’t live the same life that I live. It’s awkward at times to be different, and as American’s we can be extremely different. We use the word ‘privileged’ when we compare ourselves to others who are in a place of poverty and need. It’s OK to be different but recognizing it is a wonderful first step to help you cultivate a heart of compassion and gratitude…

Being privileged in York, I think of a study done by the Search Institute that looked at The 40 Developmental Assets that are needed to be a successful adult.  They discovered that the more of these assets a child has, the less likely they are to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors, and the greater chance they have to flourish as adults.

Here are just a few of those assets:

  • my school provides a caring, encouraging environment
  • I am given useful roles in my community
  • my best friends model responsible behavior
  • I am actively engaging in learning

Last year I worked with a student in an inner-city schools in York named William.  As …

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Disaster Relief Update

Hello Everyone,

I am just back from a week away. While I was gone, John Hilliard, our Missions Director was connecting with various organizations who are involved with Hurricane Harvey relief. We are making great progress at seeing how Living Word can be involved and ultimately make a big impact to those in need.

Of course, you as an individual donor can always make contributions to any organization who is helping with disaster relief. If you want to be a part of the ministry we will do as a church, visit our disaster relief webpage to learn more about our plan to assist and actions steps you can take now.

Here you can learn more about our plans and mission to get involved and how you can be a part of the help we will offer.

Pastor Brian

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