Baptism Celebration Recap

On June 9th we celebrated baptism with members of our church family. This afternoon was a beautiful time of sharing stories of the work of God in the lives of his people.


We believe that baptism is an outward sign of a Christ-follower’s inward commitment, and a step into a life of commitment to Him. As Growth Groups Pastor Ned Keen shared, “they’re now here to demonstrate outwardly the new reality that has taken place internally.”




“I know Jesus is with me when I walk this path. I see him every day in everything I do. And I know his plans for me will be better than any I could ever come up with.”



If you are interested in being baptized at Living Word, our next baptism information class is Sunday, August 4. You can register on our website. The next baptism will take place on Sunday, August 18 at 3:00 pm.



Enjoy watching this recap video from our recent baptism 

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