Baptism Recap || guest blog by Aaron Kunce

This past Sunday, we played a short video recap of the June 24th outdoor baptism celebration. If you missed the baptism, you can watch a recap below.

This was our first time holding an outdoor baptism at the Heffelfinger’s beautiful farm in Seven Valleys, PA. The Heffelfinger’s (a Living Word family) graciously opened up their home, pool, and property for the baptism. The original date for this baptism of 29 people was a rainy day, so we rescheduled the celebration for the 24th of June and 16 were able to get in the water. The remainder will no doubt participate in our next outdoor baptism on August 19th (again at the Heffelfinger Farm). If you have crossed the line of faith but have not yet been baptized, please consider taking this step at the August baptism!

What a wonderful baptism celebration it was on the 24th! We were blessed to hear 16 stories of salvation—16 stories of God’s grace poured out in Jesus Christ. Each story was short and unique. And each was a story of God bringing people to life and flourishing by the power of his Spirit.

Photo from Laurie Heffelfinger

Some of the testimonies were dramatic, some were simple and straightforward. All displayed lives that have been rescued and redeemed by Jesus. As we heard the stories being spoken, I think everybody gathered together that day had their faith in Christ strengthened, refreshed, and deepened. Each person being baptized was a living reminder and a living word who expressed a solid commitment to the person of Jesus. And through the beautiful symbolism of water baptism, these people showed they are depending on the death and resurrection of Jesus for their personal, eternal hope.