Responsibility Mistakes

Being irresponsible, of course, is the most frequent mistake about responsibility. There are others as well.

Codependency: This is when you take on too much responsibility for another person, which enables them to continue in their irresponsibility. This is a common mistake that happens often with spouses of addicts. It also happens in almost any situation where one family member chooses to be irresponsible. Others jump in to pick up the slack. The irresponsible person is then let off the hook. They have gotten away with their irresponsibility by you being overly responsible.

Independency: This is when you are only responsible for yourself and you don’t assume any responsibility for others around you. Not only do you not want help from others, you do not want to help others. That’s a mistake on the other end of the spectrum, and one that is pretty common in our culture. Other people need you. You need other people. It is one of the reasons for over 30 “one-another” commands in the New Testament.

Interdependency: This is not a mistake. This is the right way to approach responsibility. This is when you take full responsibility for yourself (Galatians 6:5 – each one should carry his own load) and you take supportive responsibility for the appropriate others (Galatians 6:2 – carry the burdens of others and so fulfill the law of Christ).

That is what Living Word is all about. We are a place where you find the resources you need so you can take full personal responsibility AND we are a place where others are here to help you and to be helped by you.

Yes, we are always those who “keep” our brothers and sisters.

Interdependently yours,
Pastor Brian


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