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The Naughty or Nice List

Naughty OR Nice? Which list are you on? It’s part of the old Santa Claus mythos, but it reflects a deep awareness that right and wrong, good and bad, matter. And that there are consequences for choosing one way or the other. Let’s refine the question. Q1: What does it mean to be good? Q2: […]

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4 Ways That God Renews His People

Coming Alive: Renewal, Revival, Awakening! Our July sermon series is all about life. New life. God’s life. Life in Christ. Life together with others who are a part of the new community Christ is creating called Living Word Community Church. We are called out of death to life. This life is a life of flourishing. […]

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God’s Word is the Way of Flourishing

    Do you know what is the longest chapter in the Bible? Your answer is: (______________). I’ll come back with the answer in a few moments. Here is my proposal, my thesis, my challenge, my invitation. You will FLOURISH when you know God, when you know his plans, his purposes, his will, his way, […]

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