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Holy Spirit, I Pray…

Some years ago I wrote a short article where I talked about praying to the Holy Spirit. Since then, I have had many people say they never knew they could “pray TO the Holy Spirit.” I am not surprised. It was not my normal practice either. It seemed natural to pray to the Father. After […]

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A Grace Disguised

In the days ahead, you will be reading stories from our staff about their own difficult times and how they encountered the love and power of God. We want to tell stories, swap stories, receive stories, and grow from being a “storied” community. And talk about stories … I have rarely found as much wisdom […]

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The Art of Loving Others

Five Ways You Can Make a Difference Today People. Life is about people. The Christian faith is about loving God and loving others. Life is essentially relational in makeup. I am just back from overseas. I read a lot on planes. I picked up a book, The Art of People by Dave Kerpen, that looked […]

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