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Life is Constant Adjustment

Life is in motion. Life is swirling, changing, evolving, dancing, flowing–and that’s what you need to do as well. God is on the move. The Spirit, like the wind, courses through this world, uncontrolled, unforced, unencumbered. You need to do so as well. Following Jesus is a journey, a process, and, hopefully, a progress. “Come […]

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9 Reasons Why Change is so Hard

I’ve thought about why I find change hard. I’ve thought about the things others have said to me. Here is a good list of nine main reasons why change is slow and difficult. One: We are creatures of habit. Routines make life simpler (not necessarily better, but certainly simpler). Two: Entropy and lethargy are always […]

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The Challenge of Change

Becky and I were out walking the other evening. Our conversation was not a new theme. It is one we have processed for many years. Becky, as a counselor and therapist who helps people deal with the problems and crises of life, and I, as a pastor and mentor who wants to help people move […]

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