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The Naughty or Nice List

Naughty OR Nice? Which list are you on? It’s part of the old Santa Claus mythos, but it reflects a deep awareness that right and wrong, good and bad, matter. And that there are consequences for choosing one way or the other. Let’s refine the question. Q1: What does it mean to be good? Q2: […]

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Engraved, Deeply Etched

Here is a quote on character that I spent time working with and using for some personal assessment. (Character) does require a conviction of a truth made sacred, abiding as an authoritative presence within consciousness and life, reinforced by habits institutionalized within a moral community. Character, therefore, resists expedience; it defies hasty acquisition. This is […]

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Character is Destiny

It has been said that character is destiny. Who you are and who you become – your essence, your nature, your internal way of being – is important above all things. This is why Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard the heart. For it is the wellspring of life.” The Message translation says it […]

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