Tag: Easter

Resurrection Happens

Christ the Lord is risen today! Resurrection happens. The good things of God are set loose and run wild through the world, making all things new. Blessed Easter to everyone in the joy of the risen Lord! Pastor Brian RESURRECTION: The good things of God are running wild through the world. And through your life.

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Where Do We Find What We Need?

I was reading some thoughts on the founding of our nation and this thing we call our inalienable rights. These rights include the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, which is a small sample of the things we need and want. And President Jefferson, the deist (one who believes in a distant, watchmaker God who […]

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Intimacy With God…and Yet

C.S. Lewis is certainly not the final word, nor even always the best word, but he is a very good starting word for important conversations, including conversations on  having intimacy with God. Lewis starts this conversation when he says, here is the kind of God most of us would prefer: “An ‘impersonal God’-well and good. […]

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