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Creating a Positive Home Environment for Your Teen (Guest Post by Ryan McCleary)

Ryan McCleary, a counselor from The Counseling Center at Living Word, specializes in working with teens. Today he shares tips for creating a positive home environment for your teen. Parenting presents great challenges—especially with a teenager! As parents, our experiences, attitudes, and judgments are completely different from those of our teenagers. If you have been struggling […]

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Cultivating Healthy Work-Life Balance (Pastor John Hilliard)

I’m dating myself, but in the early years of television entertainment, variety shows would have performers who would balance spinning plates on vertical sticks.  The challenge was to see how many plates you could keep in the air before they started to fall.  As they began to slow down and start to wobble, the performer would have to run […]

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The Coming War on the Family

I don’t like to exaggerate. I don’t like to blow things out of proportion. I am not a conspiracy theorist. But I am not going to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend that things are headed in the right direction when they are not. Here is the link to a […]

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