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No Ordinary People

There are no ordinary people. You are not ordinary. You have never met, nor will you ever meet, an ordinary person. We have said this over and over at Living Word. We didn’t think it up, C.S. Lewis did. It is just one of dozens of brilliant and beautiful thoughts from Lewis that we pass […]

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Group Identities and Labels

Labels. A label is a designation or description that specifies and clarifies a group to which one belongs. We can’t do without labels, but we must be exceedingly careful in how we use labels. Before I go any further, I’ll tell you where I am headed with this idea. While we have been focusing mainly […]

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15 Years of Your Life!

There were several items that really generated response from people in the Sunday message. One of them was the chart below. I pointed out that we are a culture that has as its two main mottos: Just Buy It and Just Watch It. We no longer Just Do It. We no longer seize the day with […]

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