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A New Addition to Our Staff

I think many of you remember it was my good friend Brian Newman who spiritually poked, prodded, and pushed me to pay attention to the leading of God about becoming the next lead pastor of Living Word. Way back when Pastor Steve was just beginning the transition process for succession, Brian Newman reflected with me […]

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What Sears and the Church Have in Common

There are five or six blogs that I consistently read. There are another half dozen that I skim and peruse occasionally. One of the regulars is written by James Emery White, lead pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church, a megachurch in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here is a link to one of his recent posts: Sears and the Church. […]

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It All Started in 1975

And it was really quite odd that it did! As I thought about it, up to that point I had hardly traveled outside York County. I had been to a few different states by then, but not many. Now, a few months after becoming a Christian, I was fascinated by the idea of global missions. Other […]

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