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All You Need is Love

Well, maybe it’s not all you need, but it’s certainly the first thing you need. Robert Putnam is a sociologist (I love these people) who understands the power of love and the dangers of isolation, loneliness, and lacking the love of a community. In his research, Putnam found that, “if you belong to no groups […]

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The Art of Loving Others

Five Ways You Can Make a Difference Today People. Life is about people. The Christian faith is about loving God and loving others. Life is essentially relational in makeup. I am just back from overseas. I read a lot on planes. I picked up a book, The Art of People by Dave Kerpen, that looked […]

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Wrapping Up Our Life Together Series

Just 6 weeks ago we had our 2-5 Launch. Wow–the time has flown by! The entire staff team had a great time developing and implementing the new aspects involved with the 2-5 Launch, including: Developing a 6-week series on relationships (Life Together). More on that in a moment. Beginning a new culture of you and me inviting […]

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