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6 Suggestions on Comparisons

This is a tricky issue to address. It is virtually impossible not to compare yourself with others. And I don’t think it is always a bad thing to compare yourself with others. In fact, I think there are times when you SHOULD compare yourself with others. You just have to be careful how you do it. If […]

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Identity or Image?

When I look back over the decades at the old photos I was in, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Maybe you have had the same experience, especially when you look at the different styles of clothing and hair you tried out. When you got tired of your current look, you changed your appearance. […]

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The Real You

Do you find your “self”? Do you create your “self”? Do you receive your “self”? Or is there some combination of finding, making, and receiving? Who are you? How well do you know yourself? How well do you like who you are (and who you are becoming)? Are you comfortable being the “real you” around others? […]

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