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What Jesus Might Say

Here is where I ended the post yesterday: My friends know Jesus would also speak powerfully, prophetically, and pastorally to the issues of our day. They know Jesus would speak theologically, spiritually, ethically, and morally to the issues of life. What kind of things might Jesus say? This post, like the two previous ones, is […]

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Christians and Living in Our Messy World

So how should we think about Charlottesville … and Barcelona …. and North Korea … and Washington D.C … and … and … and … It’s messy! It’s confusing! It’s full of conflict, pain, division, and anger! And we live in that world. We are affected by what happens in the world. Sometimes we (Christians) […]

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Romans 13 and Revelation 13

The Twin Strategies of a Missional Church Romans 13 is the positive engagement of God’s Kingdom as it spreads in the world. Romans 13 is the positive contribution God’s people make as we live as workers in the world. Romans 13 is a guide for how we live as citizens of a nation. Romans 13 […]

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