Breathtaking and Beautiful

The Better You That Lies Ahead

Here is a great way to think and to live.

You are not yet who you will be one day. Nor are you who you once were. God is at work. God knows his plans for you. God knows what you will become and what you will do. God’s grace is the power that makes all this possible.

he Christian faith is relentlessly and vitally optimistic about redeemed humanity. Breathtaking is a good word to describe the true you, the real you, and the person you are becoming. “A little lower than angels” is worth using as well (Psalm 8:5).

With this foundation and framework of God’s sovereign work taking place within you, there is also work for you to do in this endeavor.

Paul tells you to continue to “work out your salvation” because God is at work in you to make all things possible (Philippians 2:12). Paul says he wants to know Christ, but he is not yet at the point he wants to be, and there, Paul presses on, even striving to reach new heights of maturity in Jesus (Philippians 3:10-14).

Paul then offers a bit of a “zinger” when he concludes that all who are mature will think this way. And if you don’t, then God will make the truth of what Paul has just said clear to you (Philippians 3:15-16).

Maturity requires clear thinking on your current levels of growth and clear seeing about where you can be. Then maturity requires a high intentionality on your part to make more progress.

Maturity also needs a wisely strategic plan on doing so. Most growth is NOT because of a big leap. You rarely have an incident or an experience that suddenly results in you being a different person. Big incidents and experiences happen, but they happen to redirect us and to sow new possibilities into our lives. New resources are provided; now they must be unpacked and applied.

Whether in big or small ways, we are empowered by the Spirit for the long, slow, steady, continuously-improving movement in the same direction.

Growth is long, slow, deep, difficult and always intensely personal. Every journey, while it has similar features, has its own uniqueness to it. Your journey will be the same.

I hope you are excited about your potential. I pray you are captivated by the vision God has for who you will become. It will be by his grace and by your own faithful response to his grace (1 Corinthians 15:10-11). Hard – yes! Worthwhile – absolutely!

Today is the day the Lord has made. Let’s receive this day as his gift and the opportunity to move further along the journey. Grace, peace, wisdom, and strength be yours.

Grateful for and empowered by God’s great grace,
Pastor Brian


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